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Thursday, February 18, 2010

List: gtlamembersdiscuss Sent by: Leigh Martin


     Since our firm does a lot of defective tire work, friends and family often ask what are the best tires to buy. A recent debate amongst attorneys handling tire cases concluded that the below tires are good choices. These tires are often cited as feasible alternative tires to those that failed. I'm forwarding this information to you because it really does matter what kind of tires you buy for your vehicle. Some are just a lot better than others and include design features that make it much less likely for your tire to suffer a catastrophic failure.

     Michelin All Terrain, Pirelli Scorpions, or Goodyear Forterra Silent Armor

     We also get a lot of questions about child booster seats. The child seat experts tend to recommend keeping children in the booster seats that have the five-point restraints. A good example is the Britax Frontier. The ones that elevate children so that they can use the adult seat belts are not typically recommended as the safest alternatives because it's easier for children to roll out of these belts in certain kinds of impacts. There is also no hurry to move your child out of the normal forward facing child seat if it still fits your child's height and weight. These are generally safer than the booster seats.

     You can put all of the above in the "for whatever it's worth category" because I'm certainly no safety expert. As has been recently seen with with Toyota problems, it's sometimes very hard to know what problems are lurking in the products we buy, but this is the information that has been passed on to me. I thought you might find it helpful.

     If you ever have questions similar to the information above or about the safety of cars you are thinking about buying, please feel free to email or call any of the lawyers at our firm. We are happy to share with you what we know on this subject. We sometimes hear more about the cars not to buy than the cars to buy, but we can give you our thoughts on the subject.

Leigh Martin May
Butler, Wooten & Fryhofer, LLP


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