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Do You Need an Attorney?

The Law Firm of Ayerbe & Cowart, LLC  has dedicated attorneys and a team of staff who fight to protect your rights. Protect your rights and let our Law Firm assist you in collecting the compensation you deserve.

What rights do I have that need to be protected?
  •  All claims must be filed with the proper court within a specific time frame or they will be lost. This is what is commonly known as the Statute of Limitations. Different types of cases have different time frames, which can either be extended or shortened based upon many factors. In addition, evidence can be lost, destroyed or erased. This can occur due to mistake, intentional and malicious destruction or can be based on various company retention policies. Therefore, it is important to have an attorney review your case as soon as possible
What do I have to do to protect my rights to these claims?  What forms & papers do I need to obtain?  Where do I get these forms?  Will you fill out all the forms for me?  If needed, will you help me with my medical claim?  If needed, will you help me with my property damage claim?
  • Many claims can be protected by filing a lawsuit.  However, there are claims where a claimant must prepare a separate form.  For example, someone who is injured by a government entity may be required to send what is known as an ante-litem notice.  The need for the notice, the type of notice, and the time frame for sending the notice varies with each government entity.  We assist injured people every day with their medical claims.  If needed, we will help an injured person with their property damage claim as well
 If I have a questions about my case, will I be able to speak with you directly or do I have to speak to a paralegal?  Is it okay if I speak with you occassionally when I have a questions or to find out the status of my case?
  • It is important to develop a relationship of trust between the attorney and client.  This relationship can not be developed without conversations directly between the client and attorney.  Therefore, we encourage clients to call me directly to discuss their cases
 Do you practice primarily in the field of Personal Injury & Accidents?
  •  Yes.  My practice is solely focused on representing those injured by the acts of others
Will I be charged a legal fee if you do not recover money for me?
  •  We only represent injured individuals through a contingency fee contract.  The contract provides in capital letters "NO RECOVERY, NO LEGAL FEES"
 Have you or your Law Firm done any trials?
  •  I have tried numerous cases in both State and Federal courts.  I would be happy to discuss the types of cases with you.
 Is my spouse entitled to any of the settlement or money I am awarded?  What happens if I get divorced?
  •  If you are injured and your injury has an adverse affect on your contribution to the marriage, your spouse may be entitled to an award of damages to compensate them.  This claim is know as Loss of Consortium.
If my child is injured, which parent will bring the claim?  What happens to the settlement?
  • If a child is injured, the custodial parent may bring the claim.  The settlement is maintained by the parent or in a trust set-up on behalf of the injured child.  Once the child reaches the age of majority, any funds that have not been used on behalf of the child, will be given to the child
 Why do I need a lawyer?
  • Insurance companies are aggressive, experienced and committed to their bottom line.  An injured individual needs someone who is aggressive, experienced and committed to ensuring that they receive just and full compensation.  In addition, it may be difficult obtaining quality medical care.  A competent attorney can assist you in obtaining the care you need.  Finally, it is important to obtain a lawyer who is proficient, tries cases and has a proven track record.  Insurance companies know which attorneys demand full compensation for their clients and alter their evaluations accordingly

How much does a personal injury attorney cost?
  • A personal injury attorney is paid a percentage of the amount recovered on behalf of the client.  If there is no recovery, there is no charge for legal fees.  It would be nice if other professions followed this example.

Are there special types of personal injury lawyers for different types of cases?
  • While Personal Injury lawyers can assist an injured person in most types of injury cases, there are those attorneys whose experience and expertise in a specific area make them particularly suited to handle complex cases.  I have successfully handled nursing home abuse cases to simple car wrecks.  However, I have successfully handled well over 100 cases in which an individual was injured by a tractor trailer.  Cases involving tractor trailers are complex because the truck driver and the trucking company must comply with numerous regulations enacted by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.  Knowledge of those regulations, the inner workings of a trucking company and the differences between a tractor trailer and a typical care are helpful in pursing fair, just and complete compensation for my injured clients


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