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Monday, November 12, 2012
Dear Colleagues,

On Tuesday, AAJ will launch Take Justice Back—a grassroots campaign to let everyday Americans know why they should care about protecting the civil justice system.

We are out-spent by corporations that try to limit consumer rights, but we have the truth on our side.

Take Justice Back will:

EDUCATE people on how their rights are being threatened;

MOTIVATE Americans by sharing real stories of people denied justice;

ENGAGE consumers through social media such as blogs, Facebook, and Twitter; and

EMPOWER activism by creating a portal where people can share information, send letters to members of Congress, sign petitions, and link through to their own blogs.

Here’s what you can do:

Link to Take Justice Back on your website, Twitter and Facebook pages.

Add the TJB logo to your signature block, on blogs and websites.

Share client stories. Send to We will use these leads to follow up and get more details that we can use on TJB and with the media.

Share TJB with your Facebook friends; share with your family, and colleagues.

Like TJB on Facebook—this puts TJB in your newsfeed.

Follow TJB on Twitter—so you will see all our Tweets. www.twitter/TakeJusticeBack

Write about TJB in your firm newsletter (or on your blog) and provide the TJB email address for readers to learn more:

Send AAJ a blog post on a state issue related to the injustices of “tort reform.” If selected, we can use your blog on TJB and link to your website/blog. Send blogs to AAJ’s Communications Director:

Take a stand and be involved. We have the right message. Now it’s time to spread the word. Please join me in doing all you can to Take Justice Back.

All My Best,

Mary Alice McLarty
American Association for Justice


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