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Wednesday, November 20, 2002

Trucking Accidents

  A tragedy in Twiggs County resulted in a record $4.5 Million settlement.  Through discovery by our expert team of investigators, it was revealed that the trucking company located in Seattle Washington failed to adequately train its drivers.  Truckers are trained to use a "scan" technique to ensure that they are constantly surveying their mirrors, instruments and the road.  In this instance, a trucker using a defective scanning technique failed to look at the road for over 22 seconds or 1,936 feet, resulting in a rear-end collision that propelled the victim's car across the median and into the path of another tractor trailer truck.
     Attorney Paul R. Ayerbe used compelling footage of the driver demonstrating the defective scan technique and detailed doctor's testimony to convince the trucking company to pay a fair amount.  A large portion of the award was structured resulting in an estimated payout of over $6,000,000.00 to the victim.  This amount will be used by the victim to pursue her dream of becoming a nurse and helping others in need.  The trucking company finally removed the driver from driving status and subsequently fired him due to his failure to accept responsibility and be re-trained.  The Law Firm of Ayerbe & Cowart went beyond the simple facts of the case to determine the true reason behind the collision.  It was important to the victim to ensure that everything was done to prevent this tragedy from ever happening again.


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